Women Moving Forward®

"It is so exciting to see the changes happening at our company…a huge impact on the success women are seeing. There has been a huge shift in my opinion on how leaders are viewing women and how women are viewing themselves. I love seeing the confidence everyone has and how they are impacting those around them."

This three day intensive retreat for women is the most powerful and confrontational workshop we do. The Women Moving Forward® Workshop is over 41+ years old.

Its' purpose is: TO HAVE WOMEN GET OFF THEIR POSITIONS OF POWERLESSNESS. It does not matter what the positions of powerlessness are as long as the women who attend are serious about removing the barriers. They also have to be willing to work long hours over the three days to get the job done.


Course Description and Outline

Women Moving Forward® is an interactive course. It involves a great deal of participation from the women attending. There are role-plays, lectures, exercises and small group processes.

Day 1

Who you really are as a woman, how you fit into your company and why, what power you and others have and how to use it. Homework: There are two to three hours of homework requiring contact with one or two other participants.

Day 2

Your anger, fears and frustrations and how they get in the way, completing as many as possible, support from other women, determining your future.

Day 3

About the men in your life, conflict, uncommunicated communications, having a support system for women in your company, completion.

Course Objectives

  1. The participant will know and demonstrate how to support another woman so that woman produces a result.
  2. The participant will be able to clearly articulate a professional and personal goal.
  3. The participant will be clear on what stops her from moving on and have a plan for removing it.
  4. The participant will identify the formal and informal structure of her organization and where she is in both.
  5. The participant will identify what support she needs to reach her goals.
  6. The participant will identify her own conflict style and know how to keep it from stopping her.


Women Moving Forward®
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