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Participant Testimonials

Categories of non-requests – huge! I have learned that I need to identify my patterns so I can break them.
I learned SO MUCH. Thank you…big change on my horizon & this has been so pertinent!.
I have learned Strategy for better handling change and the Importance for dealing with emotions before the possibilities & action phases can begin.
Today really helped me notice skills that I am lacking when it comes to taking control of my life. I am a leader on campus, and today made me realize that I can expand my leadership skills and stop being passive.
Thanks for a very helpful presentation. The process you outlined is awesome.
This session provided greater insight for professionals/students about how to apply these skills in their life. Phenomenal for this audience.
Loved the spontaneous "case studies" …working through those as a large group was valuable.
Kate's presentation style is very engaging…
This presentation was eye-opening. Thank you for coming & talking to us. It really helped me realize what I need to work on.
The content and "real" stories Kate shared to bring it to life helped me look at purpose from a new angle.
Great session. Really makes me think.
I am feeling stronger and more confident in applying my purpose to future projects, job searches, and beyond.
Thanks to this course, I might actually go with the new company and get the work/life balance I want!
I am Rejuvenated, so my quality of work should be as well.
I will be leaving the company without the resentment I have felt for years. I am now at peace with everything that's happening and am excited for what's to come.
The framework for thinking through possibilities was very helpful…