University of Nebraska Omaha Workshop

Participant Testimonials

Neat to have a motivator to move me out of the emotional reaction phase - Hope.
...great way to look at change...will definitely effect my process from here on out.
It is a great opportunity...will allow me to identify what I am feeling…how I have processed it...will also hold me accountable...
Motivation to move forward & look for something outside the box.
Kate brought it! Such a relevant topic that everyone, no matter what stage of life you're in, can take away something valuable.
Many thanks – it was really helpful recognizing some of my shortfalls & the resistance I’ve shown with the changes.
Fantastic course and facilitator. Wish we had more time!
Very good & insightful…Good course, worth the time.
Fantastic course, great engagement, amazing examples- true life, realistic and practical. Loved the session today!!
Great training. Time well spent. Please come back!
Liked the candidness…enjoyed you sharing your experiences.
Love the Intention-Resolution template. Great tool to reference…100% listening was eye-opening…It was truly a joy to have you with us.
Outstanding class. It was a powerful time…
I learned better communication to allow for resolution of conflicts which in turn will nurture a healthy environment at home and work.
I will be a better leader by utilizing better listening skills…
Thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days. Thought going in the workshop would be too long – that wasn’t the case.
I really appreciate the pace that you set. It is a great deal to cover…you made it seem effortless.
I will show up more on purpose…as well as be more clear with my intent when situations are not clear cut.
I am now able to declare bolder/bigger possibilities...will develop deeper and more meaningful relationships.
I have regained a hopeful attitude and enthusiasm that I had frankly lost for a while. I now have tools and a language to go back and start working on some much needed changes.
I loved this course. There really aren’t words to express how grateful I am to have been given this gift…thank you from the bottom of my heart
Nailed it. Excellent stories to help make the concepts come alive.
I will broaden relationships with my key customers and in turn will ask for more….we deserve more.
Yesterday’s session was breakthrough for the team…appreciate the simplicity of the model and the learning materials. Wasn’t overwhelming.
I am now more able to adapt to the current and future changes at my company!’
This course was AWESOME! I wouldn’t mind doing it again.
I think our team will work better together to achieve outstanding results.
I now have a better process to help structure my team, how we can align better, grow together, win together and bring home more ROI for the company.
I will be more patient, more positive and more productive…I benefited a lot! I have received a framework to thrive rather than just survive change.
The course was life changing for me. I came in feeling jaded and bitter. The course created quite a shift in my mind set. I am no longer blaming my company and I am not a victim anymore.
The most valuable piece of your training is that it can be applied to any change or challenge – personally + professionally.
You taught Change from a new perspective. I’ve had several workshops on change…this is completely different.
The complete request exercise was great! It was an outstanding exercise and a valuable tool.
I loved the requesting education – and will apply it with students in my classroom and online class.
I have learned many important tactics to handle change, and how to raise success when making requests. I will definitely use these in my life!
It was awesome! Loved the templates for taking notes.
The worksheets and real life examples brought the content to life.
Almost complete on my life purpose. I went from "I have no idea" to "I'm almost done with it" because of this course.
How simple and fulfilling purpose can be – what good guidance this is!
Loved the interaction within the group. Thank you Kate!
Inspired to use what I learned!
My mind is much more open to the possibilities…this course gave me a clear path to be a happier person.
I now know what my big commitment is and I will get it.
I feel personally empowered to create my future, freeing up emotional energy to do my job and stay engaged.
Best training I have had in my 15 year career!
This training will help me be a more confident, stable, honest, fulfilled leader.
Because of this training, I will be a less stressed person who is more "there".