Organization Man Meets Organization Woman: Gender Diversity™

Men and women own companies together, sit on Board of Directors together and hold management and supervisory positions together. Now what?

How are men – and other women – adapting to working with and for women?

How are women handling their own rapid advancement?

How do men unconsciously keep women out?

This is an intensive three-day workshop for men and women who want an opportunity to examine their working relationships.

“It made me go deeper into my feelings about women than I ever had before.”

“I can now view men as people and be more of a support for them, rather than play my usual feminine games.”

“I came to realize that my interactions with particular women in my life have held me back considerably in my personal development.”

“I feel privileged to be among the first men to have the opportunity to do this workshop.”

“I don’t have this one handled.  I was here because I knew that, and I hate to admit it.”

“It will help me get unstuck from a lot of old patterns.”

The format includes lecture, individual and group exercises, and group discussions.

Representatives of McDonald’s Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Tradin’ Times Newspapers, Wichita Public Schools, U.S. Government (OPM), ARCO, Hewlett Packard, Stearns-Rogers, Procter & Gamble, and many others have participated in this workshop.


  1. Understanding & removing the inherent conflict in communications between men and women at work.
  2. How historic decisions you have made about men and women, still affect you today.
  3. Productive and counterproductive work behaviors.
  4. Resolving the differences in the expectations between men and women in organizations.
  5. Understanding the differences in the way men and women communicate and think.
  6. Your individual plan for cultural changes needed.

To register for a workshop, contact or
513-240-0832. Be sure to mention the workshop name and date.