Client Testimonials

FSI 2018Kate presented at our Advancing Women in Leadership luncheon. The feedback from our attendees was outstanding. Kate was very interactive and helped to inspire and encourage our attendees to Lead Change Authentically. We wanted more time with her.

Kathryn Anderson
Associate Vice President, Corporate Relations
Financial Services Institute

Kate is a facilitation master and the process she follows is highly effective at helping team members verbalize what’s working and what’s holding them back, helping them take ownership for where they have control and influence and providing them tools to sustain the momentum they will undoubtedly pick up from her workshops. She’s also excellent at customizing the workshop to fit the needs of the team leader.

Ryan Collins
Program Director
Duracell Global Operations

There are a few things that stand out about Kate's work. First, she is as thorough as can be. From start to finish, she thought of all the details needed to make our workshop a success. Second, she provided a personal touch by connecting with each of our participants before and after our workshop. She made the experience about them, not her. Finally, Kate's experience is unmatched. She helped each of our participants connect to the content of the workshop because of her experience and ability to relate to their current status. Kate was a dream facilitator.

Sarah Moylan
Senior Director
Greater Omaha Chamber

Kate spoke to a group of women (from) all over the country, spanning several decades of age…and was able to affect each woman in the room. Her presentation style is dynamic and the information and interactive workshops she facilitates is applicable and valuable to any individual, no matter their life stage. There was a consensus among the group that we wanted more! I look forward to bringing Kate back to meet with this group…

Sarah Haskell
Alumni Engagement and Outreach
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

The Enabling Purpose Through Relationship™ workshop is unlike any other course I’ve ever attended. It’s hands-on, thought provoking and taught me new skills that I was immediately able to apply to my personal and professional life. As an instructor, Kate went above and beyond. From the pre-workshop call to post-workshop follow ups, she is there to help you to succeed.

Angie Dunn
Lead Delivery Owner
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

Kate Johnson "Connects". My company hosts a "Women's Event" each year where 200-300 clients come together to learn more about finance and various other areas of life. Women of all ages attended, (20's through 90's) and all were engaged no matter what stage of life. This was possible because of Kate's ability to reach all of them. Many positive comments, many levels of impact. Some, so impacted, that they immediately put into action in their work place the very next day what they had learned in this meeting. Transition, conflict, acceptance. Kate's abilities, her intuition and perception of people in any setting, and her wide range of life experiences ... intertwined with her deep sense of humility and gratitude provide the perfect combination in giving a refreshing feeling of hope to ALL that come in contact with her.

Kim Kropp
Moylan Kropp Inc.

The adage may be ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’, but even high performing teams can benefit from Kate’s course. Kate helped us uncover some of the unmet needs that each team member carried…allowing us to turn “good enough” into great. We learned ways to better communicate…ensure that we are always leading with our authentic selves and not letting needs NOR opportunities get buried. The feedback from our staff after Kate’s session was unanimously positive, and I am confident that the skills we took away will make us an even stronger, more successful team.

I interviewed three well qualified consultants for our leadership retreat and would have been happy with any of them… until I interviewed the fourth: Kate Johnson. It was clear from our first phone conversation that Kate was not going to offer a “one size fits all” option for our team. She worked with our team in advance to ensure that she offered a customized program for our unique needs.

Rachel Sexton
VPR Companies

Johnson & Johnson

Procter & Gamble

Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.


Omaha Chamber of Commerce

University of Nebraska

Physicians Mutual Insurance

Moylan Kropp

University of Nebraska Women's Basketball Team

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Chesterfield Presbyterian

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