Breakthrough Results

The big successful companies in this country were set up to produce predictable incremental profits, thus satisfying stockholders, insuring controlled growth and a long existence. Every organizational structure, cultural norm, attitude, business practice, and production line has been designed to guarantee incremental growth. No one ever planned for the fact that all of these factors would also guarantee results and would be limited to incremental growth even if a changing economy demanded breakthrough results for survival. It is a monumental task to operate counter to the culture that you are a part of (and often times have been trained by). That is, however, the exact approach necessary to produce Breakthrough Results. Everything we have learned about "how to do it" is the unintentional barrier to doing it better.

This work has been amazing and incredible satisfying. The results clients have been able to produce have been shocking to all of us. One Procter & Gamble site was able to exceed and maintain a reliability breakthrough after the one day intervention of the Breakthrough Results course. They were the only site in the division able to reach and exceed the target garnering them the coveted Stealth Award. The project manager credited Breakthrough Results of breaking the log jam and putting them over the top after months of frustration and failed attempts.

The course can be applied to less measurable projects with results just as spectacular. One client used the course to resolve a rift between two levels of management that had existed for at least 10 years. Another client was able to see that her actual job in creating the breakthrough requested by management, was to breakdown all the systems and management beliefs around the project, not run the project itself.

We have discovered that the process of breakthrough is incredibly demanding on those leading the process. It is demanding because of all the emotions generated, and the fact that the organization is in no way set up to support or reinforce this kind of process. Consequently the process is not for everyone. Much of the work of breakthrough is re-inventing yourself to fit the new paradigm. So the actual process often looks very different from "normal" work and requires a different level of commitment.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Participants will understand that you can only prepare, not plan for a Breakthrough.
  2. Participants will know how they will need to operate differently in their own organizations to achieve the Breakthrough they are after.
  3. Individuals and the group as a whole will be aware of the level of commitment required to achieve the Breakthrough sought.
  4. Participants will have an initial plan for what they will need to do to support themselves during the Breakthrough.
  5. Participants will be aware of the dangers of Breakthrough.


Day One (morning):

  • Definition of Breakthrough
  • Principles, characteristics and emotions associated with incremental growth
  • Principles, characteristics and emotions associated with Breakthrough
  • Demands placed on Breakthrough leadership - re-inventing yourself living counter to the hand that feeds you.
  • Shifting from a context of "what's wrong" to "what's missing"

Day One (afternoon):

  • Application of all Breakthrough principles learned in the morning to the group's real project.
  • Building a psychological and organizational support system for you to survive the Breakthrough process.
Pre-requisites: The participants must have a current project on which they are considering attempting a Breakthrough.

To register for a workshop, contact or
513-240-0832. Be sure to mention the workshop name and date.