Time to Take a Breath

November 30, 2021

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Breathe! Take a breath.
You made it through Thanksgiving
(for those of you who celebrate)
I hope it was everything you hoped for.
Intended. Planned.

What did you expect going into the holiday weekend? Survive? Crazy relatives? Angry siblings? Over eating? Over spending?

Or did you expect joy? A lovely family/friends reunion. Fabulous food and wonderful memories.

And what was the result? Did you get what you expected? What you hoped for? What you intended?

Maybe you rolled (or staggered) into the holiday without any expectations other than to make it there. Get all the work done you needed so that you could be physically present, but that was it. Arrive. Participate. Leave.

It's amazing how we get what we expect. And how often we sometimes don't even realize we have expectations. Or communicate them clearly. That was certainly the case for me this Thanksgiving, as I had hoped my brother and his family would spend the holiday with our parents. But I never shared that with them. And soon found out that wasn't their plan. I wasted time thinking about it, and wasted energy being somewhat frustrated by it. Gratefully I was able to spend a lovely day with my parents. A gift! And another valuable lesson re-learned: focus on my intentions and don't try to control others.

Good or Bad. Positive or Negative. Whatever it was for you this past holiday weekend, I hope you can take a breath. A minute. And breathe. You made it. Maybe even enjoyed it. Maybe not. Whatever the case for you I hope you don't judge yourself too harshly if it wasn't all you hoped for. And possibly even figure out what you do want to create for the next set of holidays...just a few weeks away!

Interested in improving your skills in the area of intention, creation or possibility thinking? Join us early next year in Naples, FL for one of our two workshops where we learn and practice these skills.

Kate Johnson
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