One Year Later

March 30, 2021

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It has been quite a year! One year ago we were shutting down. Sheltering at home. Trying to purchase hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Figuring out how to shop, meet, work, teach and learn virtually. Talk about change! So much so fast. So many emotions. So much loss. And yet also so much gained.


Women Moving Forward® Workshop

So where are you at one year later? That was the question asked at the quarterly connect for Women Moving Forward® graduates earlier this month.

I am here.  Where are you?The responses were all over the continuum. Lots of pain. Lots of gratitude. Lots of hope. Lots of loss. And lots of support. For me, this was the most satisfying connect we had over the past year because participants were more open than ever, and also so very encouraging of each other. We discussed what we have learned since the pandemic started. And that led to what we liked, what we missed and what help we still need. As well as what we hope for as vaccines roll out and life begins to open up.

Over the past year, we have had a boundary in place limiting activity, interactions and life as we knew it. As we to begin move "back-to-normal" and the life we knew, I am asking myself if that is the life I want to continue to live. Were you living the life you wanted before the pandemic? If not, now is the perfect time to create the life you do want.

As we move forward towards herd immunity and our country, companies and lives start to open up again, I hope you can take a pause, reflect on where you are at one year later, and choose to create the life you want to live moving forward.

And speaking of moving forward, congratulations to the most recent graduates of Women Moving Forward®! Salt Lake City, UT.

Kate Johnson
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