Five + Fifty = Three?

May 29, 2020

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I know you want to say 55. Five + Fifty equals 55, right? Well, not in this case. It was 5 years ago that I started this new business, company and career. And since then I have written 50 blogs (this blog is #50!) So for me, Five + Fifty = Three. 


Graduates from the First Virtual Workshop of Managing Corporate Change© (participants from OR, FL, CT, AR, MN, OH and Canada!)

As there are three important factors that helped me get to this day:

  1. Gratitude: First and foremost five + fifty equals gratitude. I am so very grateful to so many and that includes you! Many of whom have supported me in different ways. Ways such as attending workshops yourself or sponsoring workshops and speaking engagements in your companies. Referring potential clients. Reading and encouraging me regarding the monthly blog. Providing a sounding board for new ideas, hopes and fears along the way. And most recently following me on my new Facebook and Instagram accounts. I am grateful to know you and/or work with you and truly appreciate your support!
  2. Reinvention: Five + fifty also equals reinvention. I always subscribed to the concept of continual improvement, however, these last five years have taught me much about reinvention and this pandemic has certainly accelerated the need for reinvention! Through a significant reinvention this month, we were able to create the first ever virtual workshop for Managing Corporate Change©!

    We are seeing reinvention abound during this pandemic. There are so many stories on how folks have reinvented the way they shop, learn, home school, clean, work, socialize. We see companies continue to reinvent what they produce, how they supply what they produce and how they keep employees safe. We hear of small businesses that continue to reinvent how to stay in business, communicate with and sell differently to their customers, and in some cases how they close their business with grace. All this with no playbook. Which leads to #3...

  3. Resilience: Lastly, Five + Fifty = resilience, which is defined as rebound. It isn't defined as never failing. The truth is I have failed a lot since starting my company 5 years ago. And during the past two+ months since sheltering at home, I have had weekly and sometimes daily technology failures while preparing for the virtual workshops. And with each failure I had to rebound. A practice that helps me rebound is to remember that I am not a failure. It was the hardware or the software or the bandwidth that failed. And it is my responsibility to figure out what do to next (check out these 2 articles on resilience: 4 Key Elements of Resilience and Bend Not Break - 9 Powerful Traits of Resilient People)

So that's why 5 + 50 = 3. Three important factors that have brought me to this day: Gratitude, Reinvention and Resilience. Which are also 3 key attributes that will help us all not just survive this pandemic, but thrive.

If you are interested in learning new skills that will help you and your folks thrive through change, I am currently offering our Managing Corporate Change© workshop virtually for your organization - using technology that is now working!

Kate Johnson
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