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328 Days in Space!

March 23, 2020

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Earlier this year, you likely heard about Christina Koch and her record-breaking space mission: 328 days in space! In the CNN article, her message is to "follow your passions, live the life you've imagined and do what scares you." But what really struck me was how she handled those 328 days, isolated from her loved ones and her planet. Her world as she knew it. During her time away, Christina chose to focus on the fact that her time in the space station was special rather than focus on what she missed on earth. And that led to a new appreciation for what she left behind upon returning to earth 328 days later.

I am a great believer in walking towards what scares you or as I call it, walk towards the barking dog (see previous blog: Fear and the Barking Dog). Last month, the most scary thing I was doing was updating my company website and video. Today, that seems so silly. The fear for me last month seems so small compared to what we are all dealing with today.

It is amazing how much life has changed in the last month, week and even day. At times when change is so significant, I try to remember what has not changed. And one of the things that hasn't changed is my desire to live my life on purpose as much as possible. Each day. Encouraging Success. Even when everything around me is changing. All I can do each day is to choose to live on purpose or off purpose.

Right now, following this advice may seem so out of reach for many of us. Living the life I imagined while I am self- quarantined and working from home? Following my passions when I am home schooling on top of my day job? Living on Purpose when I have no social life and outside interaction? Do what scares me when I am fearful of the worst? How is that possible? Christina chose her path and her career and the decision to isolate in space for almost a year. I didn't choose this.

While we didn't choose to be part of a pandemic, and we haven't initiated a lot of the change that is an outcome of the pandemic, we still can choose how to live our life each day. No matter our surroundings and circumstances. By doing the best we can to live on purpose each day. Just today. And when we fail (not if), there is always tomorrow to try again.

I leave you this month with a few favorite lines from an old hymn written by Phillip Doddrige, and hope it might encourage you today:

"Tomorrow, Lord, is thine, lodged in thy sovereign hand
And if the sun arise and shine, it shines by thy command
The present moment flies, and bears our lives away
Oh make thy servants truly wise, that we may live today."

If I can help, please contact me. To work on your purpose. Or brainstorm possibilities. Or review your plans to thrive during this major change.

Kate Johnson
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