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December 21, 2018

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While I love to sing the song favorite things from the Sound of Music, the lyrics of "rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens" are definitely not on my list of favorite things!  But many of the things you shared are on my list, so here are a few of my favorites...a sampling of your quotes and feedback over the past year.  Thank you for your encouragement and the honor to work with you!  


Workshop Attendees

"Powerful and Life Changing...I didn't realize I had been asleep for 53 years!"   
- Mark, Sales Executive (Enabling Purpose Through Relationship™ workshop) 

"Your workshop is unlike any other course I've ever attended. It's hands-on, thought provoking and taught me new skills that I was immediately able to apply to my personal and professional life. As an instructor, Kate went above and beyond. From the pre-workshop call to post-workshop follow ups, she is there to help you to succeed."  
- Angie, Technology Leader (Enabling Purpose Through Relationship™ workshop)

"Thank you for your leadership...we accomplished more than I thought we could and couldn't have gotten there without you..."
- Jim, Supply Chain Manager (Managing Corporate Change™ workshop)

"Thank you for pushing us to a deeper level...not just on the surface...learned how to how to listen without talking..." 
- Elizabeth, Office Manager (Enabling Purpose Through Relationship™ workshop)

Speaking Engagements

" Great session!  I appreciate the effort to connect with and understand our industry"  
- Michelle (Financial Planner; Leading Change Authentically) 

Executive Coaching & Blog Subscribers

"Um...were you writing this (blog) to me???

This was awesome, it totally spoke to me and it was so real.  You have been coaching me to work it all out.  I have...but I know I have been putting on the mask too.   So this was truly awesome....so spot on"
- Elizabeth (Sales & Marketing Executive)

"Kate, Great article!  Very vulnerable and it hit me deep.  Well done!"
 - Joe (President/Business Owner)

"I appreciate your ability to attack difficult issues and have forwarded this email to my grand-daughters..."  
- Howard (Retired Sales Leader)

I wish you and your families a wonderful and joyful holiday...see you in 2019!

Kate Johnson
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