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March 30, 2016

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I didn't set out in life to become an expert in successful change leadership, but after 30 years in the CPG industry...moving through 20 different jobs, various promotions, seven physical moves in five different states and leading some of the largest and most notable corporate acquisitions and transitions, I really had no other option. Clearly I had to adapt or perish!! And I saw first hand change that was managed great and change that was managed poorly. And I also learned first hand how to survive it...make it through...endure, and look forward to it being OVER, because like many, I really disliked change.


Cartoon of business boss saying to his staff, I don t want to change. I want all of you to change.

But somewhere along the way my emotions about change moved from surviving to accepting and then from accepting to anticipating and thriving...learning to be excited when a window of change would open up, because I knew it could be an opportunity to move forward important personal and/or business opportunities. 

And that's why I've been focusing on our Managing Corporate Change® methodology over the past few months, looking at the key parts of the process and how to more effectively lead yourself and your organization through change.

The first part is the one most often ignored...identifying and dealing with the Emotional Reaction of change (see January 2016 blog).  The next critical and fun part of the methodology is to Invent possibilities that can be produced through change (see December 2015 blog).  Last month we looked at the third and final area and the importance of asking for help in order to Act. More specifically, Take the RIGHT Action (see February 2016 blog).  

This is actually my least favorite part. Not because it isn't important, of course it is! Everyone knows that without action there are no results. Or as I like to say, strategy without execution is just an idea. No, my issue with Taking Action is that it can lead to missed opportunity. Because what many of us usually want to do first during change is to ACT. 

If we Act first before doing the work on Emotions and Possibilities, technically we may move through the change process more quickly, however the result will not be as satisfying or effective. A short cut that will eventually put you back to the start dealing with the emotions never dealt with in the first place. Just like the in the game of Monopoly when you draw the jail card..."go to jail, go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200." Yes, back to the jail of unresolved Emotions!

However, when we have been true to the process and have effectively moved through the Emotional Reaction phase, the Possibility Thinking phase, and then Take the Right Action, it will deliver the desired outcome of change...a truly satisfying and successful experience!

And that is one of the reasons I have grown to love change.  And also the reason I invite you to dig deeper into the process when participating in the full Managing Corporate Change® training.  Interested?  Give us a call:  513-240-0832

Kate Johnson
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